Parcc Inc. User Generated Content and Resources Terms of Use

Effective Date: September 18, 2015

Current Version Date: September 18, 2015

Thank you for reviewing the terms and conditions for submitting resources on Parcc Inc.’s Partnership Resource Center (PRC).

Parcc Inc. is the project management partner for the PARCC consortium of states. Parcc Inc. oversees the development of the PARCC assessment system and related tools, supports the governance and decision-making of consortium states, provides day-to-day management of the project, and develops and maintains plans for the consortium’s long-term sustainability.

Parcc Inc. allows for the uploading to the PRC content and resources by the users on the PRC.

By submitting content or resources to the PRC, you agree that you and your submission(s) is (are) subject to the following definitions, terms, and conditions:

  1. Parcc Inc. does not warrant the accessibility to any of the content or resource you upload.
  2. Parcc Inc. may remove, delete, or archive your content or resources for any reason and at any time.
  3. You have a valid PRC account which you may delete at anytime.
  4. You access the PRC for educational or instructional purposes only.
  5. You upload content that is consistent with and appropriate for educational use.
  6. You are of legal age in your jurisdiction to upload resources at the time of your upload.
  7. You have created the submission and it is a completely original work or that you have the rights and permissions to upload all of the content or resources to the PRC.
  8. Parcc Inc. is not responsible for the content or resource you upload.
  9. You retain ownership and responsibility for your upload, but you give Parcc Inc. permission to save, use, modify, or disseminate, in whole or in part, your upload.
  10. Parcc Inc. is not responsible to review your upload.
  11. Parcc Inc. may, at its discretion; edit uploads including, but not limited to, grammar, spelling, or content.
  12. Parcc Inc. reserves the right to change these terms and conditions without notification.

If you have questions please forward them to Parcc Inc. at the contact information on this page.