For ELA, the holistic rubrics were created with the input of a variety of educational constituents: educator cadre leaders, state representatives, scoring representatives, et al., The rubrics contain information about the best literacy practices – what it means to be literate in reading and writing. The rubrics demonstrate what students can do at the varying levels within the continuum. There is a shift in the rubrics for ELA for 2016. Reading and Writing are now combined as one score since the two components are so closely intertwined and integral to each other.

For math, rubrics are item specific and written specifically for each item by the item writers. The rubrics are revised as needed during the item review process. The rubrics are looked at again at rangefinding to see if any further revisions are needed based on the student responses.

Look for ELA and Math scoring rubrics at ELA rubrics are listed on the first page while math rubrics are shown in the Key for each item set as well the Sample Student Responses for each of the constructed response items.